Sunday, February 5, 2017

1966 - AGENT 505: DEATH TRAP IN BEIRUT - Eurospy stuff part 2

Entertaining if completely forgettable foolishness.  Fredrick Stafford, star of Alfred Hitchcock's dullest film Topaz is the spy who has to save Beirut from being destroyed.  Somehow the chief bad guy has got it in his head that if he destroys Beirut he can take over the world.

Stafford definitely is copying Connery's Bond.  He walks around in a suit knocking off enemy agents without barely breaking a sweat like he was snacking on a bag of peanuts.

The film has some good action sequences and a "boat car" which predates James Bond's submarine Lotus. 

There's always a lot of action and shooting of enemy agents going on in these films, but this one has a couple of sequences to lift it out of mediocrity.  An action scene involving a helicopter is extremely well in particular.  However a big problem with film is Stafford who is as stiff as a board.  The other issue I have with this film is that a lot of the scenes are clearly reworked from previous James Bond films.  Imitation is not always the sincerest form of flattery frequently it's just plain stealing.

93 minutes.

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