Saturday, February 18, 2017

1968 - HAMMERHEAD - More Eurospy part 3

NATO's defense plans are in jeopardy.  The evil villain Hammerhead is going to steal them and sell them to the highest bidder or something.  We know that Hammerhead is evil because he has a porno collection stashed away on his magnificent yacht.  To save the day the West's top spy played by Vince Edwards (?) is called into stop him.  

This film has the usual assortment of fights, car chases and leering shots of women in tight outfits.  For some reason cute Judy Geeson has decided she has "taken a shine" to Edwards and tags along for all the action and adventure.

As with all of these films there is on location photography this time in Portugal.  The action is pretty standard stuff.  The light touch is missing and the film plods along from one action sequence to another.  The villain Hammerhead is also kind of a cut rate Goldfinger with the usual quirks and a Oddjob like henchman to show how scary he is.

About the only thing to recommend this film is watching Judy Geeson run around in lots of "mod" 60's outfits. 
 99 minutes.

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