Monday, February 6, 2017

1962 - IN THE FRENCH STYLE, a showpiece for actor Jean Seberg

Irwin Shaw took two of his short stories and turned them into a script for Jean Seberg.  The film is about the life and loves of Seberg as she lives in Paris from age 19 until age 24.  Seberg gets to play a teenager who matures into a young woman.  She becomes more sophisticated as she gets involved with several men and becomes a "woman of the world," as they say.

Seberg is best remembered in the film world for working with Godard on Breathless.  She started her career being discovered and abused by Otto Preminger in Saint Joan.  She had a tragic life and committed suicide at the age of 40.

The director was Robert Parrish who had begun his career as a child actor and editor for John Ford.  Parrish was probably a better editor than a director since most of his films are not really anything special.  Parrish was a good story teller and has book on John Ford is one of the definitive portrayals of that director.

In The French Style is not without interest.  It's not really anything special but the story is kind of fascinating as we watch the Seberg character mature throughout the film as she journey's to her personal self discovery.

105 minutes.

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