Thursday, February 16, 2017

1954 - SECRET OF THE INCAS, early version of Indiana Jones film

This film is usually cited as the inspiration for Raiders of the Lost Arc.  There certainly are a lot of very unusually close similarities. 

To begin, Harrison Ford's costume is an exact replica for Charlton Heston's outfit right down to the hat.  Both men are on a search for archeological treasure and both films have that reflected light trick in the tomb that leads to the discovery of the treasure.  There are however a few differences.

The chief difference is that Secret of the Incas has of all things several musical numbers. These sequences feature a singer names Yma Sumac who has an incredible vocal range which apparently runs about five octaves.  As interesting as these musical numbers are they do kind of bring the action to a halt at times. 

Secret of the Incas is a good adventure film with lots of on location photography in Peru and a fascinating insight into how Hollywood essentially makes the same film over and over with all due respect to Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Lucas.

 98 minutes.

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