Tuesday, January 3, 2017


This Blu Ray disc lets the viewer enjoy Ford's spectacular visual compositions in Monument Valley.  It's one gorgeous shot after another without overwhelming the story.

As usual with viewing Fort Apache, the fascination in the story is watching Henry Fonda essentially play the villain in this film.  John Wayne continued to improve as an actor and this is one of his best late 40's roles.  I think it's safe to say that the acting in the film is at a fairly high caliber.  Ford was not only a master of the visual but when he set his mind to it he was a very good director of actors as well.

The one acting exception in the film is Shirley Temple,  the one time child star who Ford had worked with when she was younger.  Her performance is full of actor tricks.  In particular her constant mugging and camera hogging almost brings the love story subplot crashing down around her and her then husband John Agar.

A good example of John Ford in his prime after his war service in World War II,  Ford is simplifying his approach to telling a story.

125 minutes.

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