Thursday, January 12, 2017

1983 - SUPERMAN III. pretty bad

Christopher Reeve who did well in the first two Superman movies but he  really got taken to town when a 3rd film was produced. 

Richard Pryor had made it known he wanted to be in a Superman film, so a part was tailored for him.  It just completely threw the whole film off.  Pryor's humor just seemed out of place for a super hero film and it wasn't particularly funny to begin with.

The director was Richard Lester who was definitely on the downside of his career.  Lester was known for fitting anarchic sight gags in his films but he seems to have lost his touch.  The gags are still here but they just aren't funny.  It seemed like Lester was just going through the motions in this film.

The special effects which seemed so good in the first Reeve movie now look kind of crappy and the bottom line was that whole thing just turned out to be an unfunny mess.  Superman III is a warning sign to people who make these kinds of films.  There is a fine line between sincerity and camp with these kinds of films.

125 minutes.

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