Monday, January 9, 2017

2016 - BRIGHT LIGHTS: STARRING CARRIE FISHER AND DEBBIE REYNOLDS - Carrie Fisher downer weekend part 2

Carrie Fisher downer weekend continues with this documentary on the relationship between Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds.  In a way this is almost a follow up to Wishful Drinking as it gets into more of Fisher's personal life but this time she throws into the mix  Fisher's aging mother Debbie Reynolds.  Reynolds was one of the last actors to go through the MGM star making factory.  She was definitely from the old school of Hollywood film making.

This film follows Fisher around as she takes care of her aged mother Debbie Reynolds, who is the real definition of an old trooper.  Reynolds continues to perform even though her health is slipping away from her as she entered into her mid 80's.

We get a look inside Fisher's home which it would be charitable to say reeks of someone who has become very eccentric.   The house is full of more weird junk and crap than is good for the soul.  Also of note is the proximity between the mother and daughter's homes.  Fisher is next door to her mother and appears to be her primary caregiver.  Watching this film one walks away with the uncomfortable thought that a mentally ill woman is taking care of her aged mother.

The film ends with Debbie Reynolds, with the aid of Fisher,  pulling it together to receive a life achievement award at the Screen Actors Guild.  It's tough to watch Reynolds the old movie star barely get through the ceremony but she does.

Overall this film has somewhat of a voyeuristic quality to it but since it was made with the cooperation of Fisher and Reynolds I guess they were OK with it.  However as a viewer, I'm not sure I needed to watching this depressing show.

95 minutes

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