Monday, January 30, 2017

2016 - LION, another supposed true story

Another one of these films that is supposedly based on a true story.  The credit on this film says "adapted from a true story"  instead of "based on" which I guess is code for this film is more honest in it's true story intentions than is usual for these types of films.

A young Indian boy leaves his mother and is lost for the next 25 years.  He eventually is adopted by an Australian couple.  But he longs to find his birth mother and with the help of Google Maps he tracks her down. 

This film really goes for the heart rending stuff.  In fact it really piles it on.  However the film didn't move me very much.  I found the film too be a very cliche ridden mess.  I've seen this type of film before and I've seen it better done.  Frankly the cheering crowds at the reunion scene just seemed like to much.  Maybe it happened in real life I don't know.

The acting is generally OK but Nicole Kidman is the standout in the cast.  She really inhabits the role of the adoptive mother.  Kidman's been in the business a long time and is a real pro.  The film itself is just OK.

118 minutes.

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