Tuesday, November 8, 2016


A very unfunny movie which somehow made a pile of money.  Probably the anti establishment focus and the silly scenes between Bill Murray and the gopher puppet sold the film to the 80's audiences.  Viewed today it's all pretty stupid to put it mildly.

 The film certainly wasn't lacking for comedians.  Ted Knight, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and night club comic Rodney Dangerfield mug and crack jokes throughout the film.  Some are funny most are not.  Chase certainly did not bring his "A" game to the film, and Dangerfield doesn't even try to build a character. 

The behind the camera talent featured writers from Animal House, Doug Kenny and Harold Ramis where that comedy at least had a reasonably talented director in John Landis who could pace the scenes.  Ramis can barely stage any of the action as the film moves along from one set piece to another. 

However who am I to argue since the film has a big cult following today.

98 minutes.

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