Sunday, June 29, 2014

2010 - SUPER, very bizarre super hero film.

The writer/director James Gunn's take on the ordinary citizen who decides to be a masked super hero in order to fight crime, is a very strange film.  Gunn mixes comedy, drama, violence and satire.  Gunn takes a lot of shots at Christians and has a Christian hero, in this case a short order cook who becoming a masked super hero called "The Crimson Bolt" whose ex addict wife becomes mixed up with a drug dealer.

The film kind of walks the same path as Kick Ass except the female sidekick in this film isn't a potty mouthed little girl but a half crazy comic book store employee who can't separate reality from comic book fiction.

It's hard to know what to make of this film when it shifts into a very serious tone towards the end of the film.  Gunn appears to trying to make some statement about real violence vs fictional media violence and the individual's inability to separate the two. 

However since this is a film, the storytelling gods must be served and good trumps evil in the end.  In reality this story would end in a tragic mess for everyone involved.  Unfortunately James Gunn didn't have the courage to go there.

96 minutes.

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