Saturday, June 14, 2014

1960 - BRIDES OF DRACULA, where's Dracula?

A very dumb French school teacher releases Baron Meinster, a vampire and all hell breaks loose.  It's up to Dr. Van Helsing to stop Meinster and his vampire brides. 

Apparently Brides of Dracula had a lot of censorship and script problems.  The film was rewritten by the producer, Jimmy Sangster Hammer's top screenwriter and Peter Cushing.  Major parts of the story just don't make any sense.  You can see there must have been some issues since Dracula isn't even in the film but has his name is featured in the title. 

Still for all the script problems, nobody knows how to do battle with vampires like Peter Cushing. His confrontations with Baron Meinster are definitely the high points of the film and the final battle in an abandoned windmill is very entertaining. 

Coming in under 90 minutes, this is a film that does not push it's luck.  An entertaining B-movie from Hammer studios.

85 minutes.

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