Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1978 - DAYS OF HEAVEN, Terrence Malick's beautiful film and it's at a reasonable length

Malick's film about a love triangle in the early 1900's is probably one of the best looking films ever photographed.  The film runs about and hour and a half and believe me short Terrence Malick films are a lot easier to take than long Terrence Malick films.

Slight criticism, for all the care brought to the look of the film the actors have very contemporary haircuts and looks.  Don't know if this was intentional or just sloppy.

Still the film looks stunning particularly the scenes of the mansion standing alone on the prairie.

It's probably best to watch this in the most optimal conditions possible, a good TV with a large screen and a high quality copy of the film since I doubt it will be seen on a large screen anytime soon.

94 minutes.

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