Sunday, June 15, 2014

1962 - THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, disappointing Hammer prouducion.

Well at least it's short because this is a slow moving version of the old melodrama that's been kicking around for years.  You think that The Phantom of the Opera would be perfect for the Hammer treatment but the director Terence Fisher seemed to get bogged down with the opera segments and the mystery of the Phantom.

The film has a decent cast, Heather Sears, Herbert Lom and Michael Gough.  They are certainly up to the Grand Guignol aspects of the story.

Universal took a shot at remaking The Phantom of the Opera in 1943 and it had a lot of the same issue as this version.  It had to many opera sequences and the mystery of the Phantom took forever to solve.  A boring film.

84 minutes.

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