Friday, July 4, 2014


This Italian Eurospy comedy thriller is one of the strangest films that ever tried to make money off of the Sean Connery/James Bond series.  O.K. Connery or whatever it's called features the regulars from the Bond series Bernard Lee and Lois Maxwell.  Also showing up in this cheese fest was Daniela Bianchi who was in From Russia With Love, Adolfo "Largo" Celi and Anthony Dawson from Dr. No.

But probably the oddest actor of all is Neil Connery, Sean Connery's younger brother playing Dr Neil Connery the brother of secret agent Sean Connery although his name is never actually mentioned.  Connery is a plastic surgeon who is also an expert at some kind of yoga hypnosis, a lip reader, a championship archer and finally a skilled karate champion.  If you want to know a little more about Neil Connery, the brother of Sean Connery, frankly the pickings on the internet are rather slim.

Operation Kid Brother or whatever it's called is basically one big trope of every  James Bond film up to Thunderball.  The film zips along from one scene to another as Dr. Connery has to stop the evil Adolfo Celi from using some wacky device that will freeze together all of the world's moving parts or some such nonsense.

This film is an entertaining reminder of the insane spy movie crazy that swept the film world during the 1960's.

104 minutes

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