Sunday, November 25, 2012

2002 - THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS, another butt buster in the series

The second film in the extended version trilogy.  This film contains 45 minutes of new scenes, i.e. stuff that wasn't deemed worthy of release in the theatrical version and 11 extra minutes of ending credits.

The Two Towers picks up the pace with Peter Jackson cutting between three different stories in this film.  This film also prominently features the CGI character Gollum.  One has to give credit where credit is due this is a very impressive achievement from a technical and artistic standpoint.

Liv Tyler looks good but really has nothing to do in this film.

As I popped in disc two of this version and faced down another two hours of running time I couldn't help thinking that perhaps some trimming of Aragon's hanging around the country of Rohan and maybe less of the talking trees would have maybe moved things along a little bit faster.

Everything in this film builds up to the big battle at Helm's Deep and it is spectacular to watch. Whatever reservations I have about the length and confusing plot are placed on the back burner for this display of CGI and practical effects mayhem.

223 minutes.

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