Saturday, November 17, 2012

1942 - BAMBI, Disney classic from his best period

Rewatched Bambi after a lot of years.  This is a visually stunning film.  Almost every shot is a treat to look at.  The Walt Disney studio had been filming cartoons in color for a while before they made Bambi.  They had a very good understanding of how to use technicolor for dramatic effect.

There are a lot of cute animals in this film which became a Disney trademark and eventually a cliche, but they are all in the service of the story.  If anything really dates Bambi it's the film's music which sounds like the 1940's score it is.

David Hand gets credit as the director, but this is a film which makes the auteur theory look like a big joke.  The film has animation sequence directors, character directors and a story director, many individuals were involved to create this film.

Bambi is also nice and short the Disney studio knew what they were doing when they filmed this.

70 minutes

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