Sunday, November 4, 2012

1965 - THUNDERBALL, looks good on high def

When you're hot your hot and Sean Connery's James Bond series was on fire after Goldfinger.  The producers needed a film for Christmas 1965 and rushed Thunderball into production.  Besides the main unit, there were three 2nd unit teams filming at the same time.

The director Terence Young apparently became fed up with this mess and quit the production leaving the editor Peter Hunt to patch the film together.  Rewatching the film this week was a minor ordeal over three nights.  For the most part nothing really happens in Thunderball until about 45 minutes into a film that is over two hours. 

Still, this is Sean Connery in his prime, the photography looks great on location in the Bahamas and the special effects and underwater action sequences play pretty well.  Ken Adam, designed the incredible Disco Volante, Peter Hunt is still the man when it comes to editing the fight scenes, Maurice Binder starts to create his semi dirty title sequences and John Barry ties it together with one of his better scores for a Bond film.

Thunderball still has some basis in reality, the next film You Only Live Twice slides off the cliff into unreal science fiction as the series starts to enter it's own fantasy world.

130 minutes

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