Sunday, November 4, 2012

1962 - LE DOULOS, is another great Melville crime film

Another very good thriller from Jean Pierre Melville, a master in this genre. 

All the Melville stuff is here, a cool star, the heavy influence of American film noir, and some tight action scenes.  This time Melville has written a very tricky plot involving an informant played by very cool French star Jean-Paul Belmondo and thief Serge Reggiani a thief who suspects that Belmondo sold him out to the cops.

As usual, Melville was working on a tight budget but had complete control over his film.  If the film is a European idea of an American crime thriller, it's still completely Melville's film with lots of tough guy stuff from the crooks and cops.

Melville is a director who everyone has been stealing from for years.

108 minutes.

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