Saturday, November 10, 2012

1976 - DRIVE-IN, comedy of small town life

A night at the drive-in theater in a small Texas town where nobody, especially the teenagers has anything to do.

This is what critics would call a "modest comedy."  Nobody aimed real high but this isn't some crappy film.  Obviously American Graffiti was the inspiration but this film can stand on its own.  The cast is a bunch of unknown actors from the Texas area.  The film making is pretty basic but the script is fairly funny.

Everyone is piling into the drive-in to watch a crappy 70's film called "Disaster 76" which looks like a Universal 70's genre film like Airport 75 of Earthquake both of which came out in 1974.  This spoof which runs throughout the film isn't even that funny but it doesn't have to be because it perfectly nails how stupid those films were.

Drive-In is almost a documentary.   Watching a movie in your car or aimlessly wandering around the blocks of cars pointed at a large screen with crummy speakers has almost completely disappeared from the Midwestern way of life.  I should know because I was a part of this experience.  Highly recommended and love the country western songs on the soundtrack.

96 minutes.

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