Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 - ARGO, a good thriller.

I'll jump on the Argo bandwagon, this is a very good thriller.  There has been some whining about the liberties that have been taken with the true story of some Americans trapped in Iran during the revolution, but the credit at the beginning of the film does say "based on a true story."

Affleck and his production team paid good attention to period detail and casting.  Affleck's the star but he's smart enough to let the rest of his cast do their thing.  John Goodman as makeup expert John Chambers and Alan Arkin in particular really seem to be having fun as Hollywood talent hired by the CIA to get the hostages out, it's just another bad movie for them.

This is a well constructed film that manages to mix excitement, humor and suspense something Hitchcock was very adept at doing in his Paramount films although Affleck is no Hitchcock.
Still, this is a very well directed film.

Makeup artist John Chambers sounds like a real character, not only was he occasionally working for the CIA, he also created Spock's ears for Star Trek, the makeup for the Munsters and those crazy masks for The List of Adrian Messenger.

120 minutes.

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