Saturday, October 20, 2012

1961 - THE GREENGAGE SUMMER, aka The Loss of Innocence

Based on a novel from Runmer Godden and similar to Godden's The River which was filmed by Jean Renoir.  The Greengage Summer is a coming of age story which is unusually well done when you put it up against something like The Blue Lagoon or that sleezefest The Lovers.

The film was amusingly enough directed by Lewis Gilbert, photographed by F.A. Young and edited by Peter Hunt who all worked together on You Only Live Twice.  That this bunch could make a film about teenage girls without descending into exploitation is probably due to Godden's story which isn't afraid to make the teenagers immature and unlikeable at times.

The film has a good cast with Kenneth More who usually played light comedy roles and Susannah York as the teenager way in over her head doing the little girl tease thing.

99 minutes.

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