Saturday, October 20, 2012

1990 - JU DOU aka The Story of Ju Dou

 I'm not big on love stories and tragic love stories in particular but this Chinese film directed by Zhang Yimou was very good.

The film was noticeable for a couple of things.  It was shot in technicolor which nobody was using.  The setting for the film was a factory that dyed silk which allowed for striking color effects.  Unfortunately the DVD I had of this film was of such a poor quality I could barely tell the film was in color much less vivid color.

The other big thing was Gong Li who was establishing her self as one of China's best and best looking actors. 

If you actually watch the film without all of this extraneous stuff this is a good film with a fascinating setting and story with some interesting variations on the traditional love story.

95 minutes.

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