Saturday, October 27, 2012

1941 - DIVE BOMBER, is a tribute to the Navy flight surgeon and actually a good movie

Dive Bomber is a highly entertaining war film that came out before World War 2.  It was written by "Spig" Wead who John Wayne played in The Wings of Eagles.  Erroll Flynn is the flight surgeon attempting to solve all the fighter pilot problems of blackouts and you name it.  Fred MacMurray is one of the Navy's top pilots who doesn't like Flynn and can't see the value in his research.  Of course MacMurray comes to see the light as a true Navy bromance is born.

This film was directed by Michael Curtiz and photographed in stunning technicolor by Bert Glennon and Winton Hoch who both worked with John Ford.  The film looks great.  The flying sequences are particularly vivid.

A fairly impressive achievement considering the subject matter and the technical challenges of shooting with the gigantic technicolor camera during the early 1940's.  The film is also very entertaining.

133 minutes

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