Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 - JONAH HEX, another failed attempt at a film series

At the end of Jonah Hex, the President of the United States offers Jonah the job as sheriff to the entire country.  Jonah turns him down but tells him "if you need my help just call me."  Jonah is going to be waiting for that call for a while.

The director Jimmy Hayward stepped in after the creative team (?) of Neveldine and Taylor left the project over "creative differences."  Neveldine and Taylor still have screenplay credit, and god only knows what the director/writers of the Crank films and Gamer would have done to this film, we can be grateful we will never know. 

The film has lots of shootings and stabbings and things blowing up.  About the only thing to be said about the cast is that Megan Fox has a very tiny waist.  Probably the tight corset she has to wear contributed to it.

It's hard to understand exactly why all this critical scorn was heaped upon this film.  I've read the Jonah Hex comic books while hanging around a comic book store killing time.  On sworn testimony, I will state these comics can be read standing up in about 5 minutes and certainly not over 10 minutes.  Jonah Hex the comic is exactly like Jonah Hex the film.

Isn't this what fans of the comic wanted?

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