Saturday, January 30, 2010

2009 - GAMER, should have been stupid fun, just stupid not fun.

Computer chips in our brain's are allowing us to be controlled by teenage and weirdo computer game players.  They control criminals and make them kill each other for real, in a game televised to people all over the world. It's the Survivor TV show except everyone is killing each other instead of looking for the immunity totem.

Who says the world will end up like this, bi-polar writer/directors Neveldine and Taylor say so and they are intent on presenting their deep concepts in the most obscure manner possible.  The color is either oversaturated or desaturated.  The action is either over the top or more over the top.  The acting is virtually nonexistent since the cast has to work at staying in the camera frame because the camera NEVER stands still.

There was probably a decent idea for an entertaining action movie in this hyper incoherent mess of a movie but the action scenes started to give me a headache with all the hand held jumping, shaking, rattling camera work, explosions and noise.   

The only thing interesting in this film is that actor from Dexter whose name escapes me.  He plays a creepy Bill Gates or Steve Jobs kind of guy intent on taking over the world (see Sherlock Holmes).  He's actually very funny and apparently figured out that this film was just a big stupid piece of crap and aimed his performance that way.

95 minutes

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