Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 - THE OTHER GUYS, typical Will Ferrell comedy?

A buddy cop film.

If this is a typical Will Ferrell comedy so be it.  The only other Will Ferrell comedy I've seen was Land Of The Lost, and that was crucified by the critics and the public.  I thought Land Of The Lost was a funny send up of those cheap looking Saturday morning science fiction kiddie shows.  However I was the only one who thought that. 

Yeah there's funny stuff in this film.   Samuel Jackson and The Rock are two stereotypical hot shot cops who run around creating havoc and destruction in New York City to the adulation of the public.  Mark Wahlberg is Ferrell's partner the classic short in height guy with something to prove.  Wahlberg plays him as a guy a little too pumped up on testosterone for his own good.  Michael Keaton who hasn't had a good part in a major film in a long time is also very funny, proving he's still got it.


Then there are what I would call the questionable comedy bits in this film.  One on going gag involves Will Ferrell as a guy who is a "chick magnet" with the women, everywhere he goes women hit on him even though he doesn't know why.  Ferrell is married to Eva Mendes the joke being that he is completely clueless to her hotness.

This is actually not an original premise.   A Guide For The Married Man used the same premise with a clueless Walter Matthau being married to hot Inger Stevens, it wasn't funny then and it's not particularly funny this time.

Another so called comedy bit involves and extended flashback sequence where Will Ferrell plays a college student who becomes a pimp.  This bit also goes on and on until it gets beaten to death.

Ferrell works with his partner Adam McKay and they are  comedy veterans having worked on Saturday Night Live together.  In a way they are kind of like prostitutes themselves.  They know how to deliver the comedic goods in a tried and true fashion it may not be an original approach but they get the job done and the John customer leaves satisfied.

The Other Guys is an OK time waster of a movie, it has some funny stuff in it and gets the job done.  However it really doesn't hit the same levels of cop movie parody that Hot Fuzz does.

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