Saturday, October 30, 2010

2003 - UNDERWORLD, silly vampire vs werewolf film is kind of enjoyable

It's vampires vs werewolves for the love of Bella.  Wait, that's a different vampires vs werewolves series.  In Underworld it's vampires vs werewolves and Kate Beckinsale vs a PVC suit she constantly wears.  Kate's a vampire who is part of the vampire sub division called Death Dealers.  The Death Dealers hunt down werewolves as part of an ongoing war that started 1000 years ago.  Of course the human race is so stupid it doesn't know this is all happening right under their very noses.

Underworld is sort of made in the Matrix style of filmmaking, with people flipping around in slow motion and stuff like that.  Apparently the day of hunting vampires with wooden stakes has given away to using machine guns and computer technology.  Neither the vampires or the werewolves practice at the shooting range very often because they spray each other with machine gun fire and rarely hit anyone or anything. 

Underworld is enjoyable action garbage, filmed on a flamboyant scale.  Nobody just drives a car they race around in them.  It's constantly raining all the time and the rain is backlit to achieve that special Gothic movie look.  London appears to be nothing but a bunch of underground tunnels and chambers full of these immortal monsters running around shooting at each other.   

The filmmakers hired a lot of English actors probably because English actors saying all this ridiculous dialog make this film seem more sincere than it has any right to be.

121 minutes, there is an extended cut at 133 minutes, just what the world needs.

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