Saturday, October 16, 2010

1962 - ROME ADVENTURE, on location love story has the scenic wonders of Troy Donahue's hair

Troy Donahue has awesome hair in Rome Adventure.

Troy's hair, with the assist of a lot of styling gel, whips around on his head in about 3 different ways, It  goes over his head at the top and in the back he's got it perfectly  coiffed coming down behind his head.  Then he's got this side hair thing going which kind of intersects with the other 2 waves of his hair head.  He is also very blonde. 

Angie Dickinson unfortunately made poor hair choices for this film. Angie's hair is really odd looking, it's pulled way back in a beehive thing throughout the film so it looks like she has a really large forehead kind of like that creature from This Island Earth

Suzanne Pleshette can't really compete with these 2 hair hogs but she gives it a decent try.  She sticks a ribbon in her hair and some curly thing a ma gigs that she twists around.  Unfortunately she's just not in the ballgame.

It's just hard for the ladies in this film to compete with Troy

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