Sunday, January 31, 2010

2009 ZOMBIELAND, short, sweet and a little bloody

A nerd is one of the few people left after a zombie plague takes over the world.  He meets up with other survivors and they make their way to California where they end up in an epic battle with zombies at an amusement park.


This is a zombie comedy, that has some good laughs, and has fun with the tiresome flesh eating zombie movie genre.  Zombieland is also smart enough to be only 80 minutes long.

I really don't get these zombie films, if you've seen one gross zombie film you've seen them all.  The only new twist to them lately has been to have the zombies running around like Olympic athletes instead of their usual lumbering stuff.

Bill Murray is the special guest star in this movie and the filmmakers keep his appearance nice and short.  Bill Murray is a comedian best put up with in brief scenes these days.

80 minutes.

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