Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 - UP, typical smooth Pixar production

Another very well assembled Pixar production.  Probably by now, everyone knows the story of the old man and the house full of balloons that he floats away in to South America.

As always with the Pixar films their technical stuff is at a very high standard.  Visually the film looks very cool.  The house floating in the sky is a pretty remarkable image.  The backgrounds look very photo realistic at times.

On the other hand, Pixar still seems to be sticking to having it's animated figures look more cartoonish instead of realistic which is kind of interesting.  Disney actually took the opposite track as it developed it's cartoons, it made the cartoon characters in their films look more like people and less cartoonish.

Probably the best thing about UP is the thoughtful and careful way the story has been worked out.  The importance of the house in the old man's life is shown at the start of the picture.   When his house is in danger of being destroyed, his actions seem completely reasonable and understandable.

My only complaint with Pixar is their tendency to throw in a big action sequence climax towards the end of their films.  Wall-E turned into a mess towards the end with robots and overweight humans racing around in some sort of frenzied climax that unfortunately shattered the gentle mood of the first half of that film.

No problems with this one, the action wasn't as completely cartoon crazy this time.  Certainly it had it's silly moments, I could have done without the talking dogs, but this is after all is said and done, an animated film.

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