Monday, January 18, 2010

1967 - THE STOLEN AIRSHIP, Zeman's got a fun technique, but no story to hang it on.

Karel Zeman's The Stolen Airship, features his really amazing old fashioned special effects, but he sure could have worked a little harder on the story.

The film is a mash up of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Swiss Family Robinson, maybe The Mysterious Island, and some sort of half baked comedy about a spy trying to steal a secret formula.  It's a fairly hard film to track what's happening while you're watching it.


Zeman's got a quirky understated sense of humor and he's great with visual gags.  He's particularly good at mixing his incredible special effects with his sense of humor,  there is some very funny stuff in this film.  The airships and balloons not only look cool but Zeman has designed them to be odd Rube Goldberg contraptions that can fly.


This film really could have been a classic film fantasy, it's unfortunate that attention wasn't paid to a more coherent story line.

The Stolen Airship is under 90 minutes and in spite of it's flaws it's still visually a cool film to watch.

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