Monday, January 18, 2010

2009 - THE HANGOVER, character driven but pretty lame comedy

Can't believe the money this sort of funny but mediocre comedy made this summer.  Apparently people were desperate for some sort of mindless comedy, after having to endure action crap like G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Seen it all before.  Mix up some over the top outrageous situations and throw in a little T&A but nothing to offensive to upset the girlfriend and apparently you have a recipe for a comedy success.


This is a guy movie for couples.  The story is about four buddies on the loose for a wild bachelor weekend before one of them gets married.  They party down and loose the groom to be.  The next day the remaining three start an all out search for him by recreating their wild night.  This gets them into more zany adventures.  It's sort of like the story structure of Citizen Kane except Orson Welles didn't direct and write it.


The buddies are the usual Hollywood bunch of stereotypes.  One guy is the "chick magnet," another is an up tight dentist with a bitchy girlfriend.  The third  buddy is the groom who is supposedly the most mature of the bunch.  The fourth guy is some weirdo in a beard who is along to say and do nutty things just for the sake of being strange. The weirdo gets the biggest laughs of course, since everyone likes a movie with a zany weirdo in it.    In reality these guys would never be friends much less have a wild night together in Las Vegas.

This movie is an OK rental for a Friday night at home when you're stuck in the house during the winter.

100 minutes.

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