Saturday, October 17, 2009

2009 - Woody Allen's WHATEVER WORKS

Preparing for the worst I watched the latest Woody Allen film last night. It's another comedy about an older man involved with an extremely younger girl and I expected the yuck factor to be extremely high. I was surprised to find this was one of his better recent comedies. Larry David plays Boris Yelnikoff, Allen's typical neurotic New York intellectual Jew who's full of lots of misanthropic opinions about the human race and generally a real downer to be around. David's character is an exaggeration of this typical Allen character and I have to believe this was intentional. Allen even has him talking at the audience with the people in the movie around him thinking he is very crazy. Into his life comes a southern beauty contestant, Melodie St. Ann Celestine who he gets involved with and eventually marries. Eventually Melodie's conservative christian parents show up to rescue her. By the end of the film the parents are embracing living in New York and Allen has weaved in various romantic complications with all of his characters to satisfying conclusions.
A Woody Allen film with a rare happy ending. The old curmudgeon seems to be locating his sentimental streak as he gets older.

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