Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1957 - Nigel Kneale's THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN is more interesting Science Fiction from an interesting writer

The writer of The Quartermass Experiment, Nigel Kneale updated his TV drama for Hammer films about an expedition in the Himalayas mountains looking for the Yeti or Abominable Snowman. This is not your typical Hammer horror film. The stars are Forrest Tucker from F Troop actually acting for a change and Peter Cushing as a British botanist. 

Probably to much dialogue in this film and the actors running around on studio sets, don't look very cold.   But this is a very interesting film. Nigel Kneale has a lot of intriguing ideas going on in this film.  Are the Yeti from outer space or are they part of a species that is slowly dying out and hiding from mankind?   The Yeti may possibly be the next evolutionary species to take over the planet after mankind has destroyed themselves.  Lots of interesting stuff to mull over.


A good example of a low budget film from Hammer films that actually has some interesting ideas for a change.  A very good film.

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