Thursday, October 1, 2009

1989 - LA TAKEDOWN is the exact same goddamn movie as "Heat"

I knew Michael Mann based his film Heat, on a TV movie he directed and wrote called LA Takedown. But I was hardly prepared for how closely he lifted scenes in Heat from that movie. Whole scenes appear to be duplicated right down to the camera movements.

At three hours, Heat is a very long and padded out crime film with interesting scenes stuck in between lots of boring stuff about the personal lives of the criminals and the cops chasing them. The TV movie LA Takedown simply eliminates all of those personal scenes and mostly concentrates on the crime story.

LA Takedown is so similar to Heat that Michael Mann even modulated the actors to give the same performance. You could swap Al Pacino and Scott Plank between films (playing the same character Lt. Vincent Hanna) and not even know the difference. Pacino was criticized for his over the top performance when Heat came out but Plank has the exact same eye rolling, shouting mannerisms as Pacino in LA Takedown.


Obviously Michael Mann REALLY liked this story.

 92 criminal minutes.

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