Monday, October 12, 2009

1957 - BEGINNING OF THE END as riffed by Mystery Science Theater 3000

My son dragged this up from the basement. This is the Mystery Science Theater version of Beginning of the End with the funny commentary. The comedians are funny but it was pretty easy to take shots at this little movie.

Anything made by Bert L Gordan would be fair game for this crowd. There is something funny and kind of touching about a low budget science fiction movie about giant grasshoppers where they stick a photo behind ordinary grasshoppers to make them look like they are giants hopping through Chicago. The stock footage of soldiers battling superimposed grasshoppers in a forrest does have a interesting surreal quality to it as well. Peter Graves is the scientist hero and you know that because he wears a white smock which was the calling card for all 1950's movie scientists. He has an assistant who is a deaf mute for some reason and you know that guy is going to be grasshopper food.

Cook a frozen pizza have a few beers and enjoy.

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