Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1972 - EVIL ROY SLADE is Blazing Saddles without the dirty stuff

Pretty silly stuff from old style comedy writers Jerry Belson and Gary Marshall. Marshall was the guy who inflicted on the world the TV series, Happy Days, Luverne and Shirley, Joanie Loves Chachi, and I think that show with that black kid named Urkel. Marshall also went on to direct Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries, fantasies about women selling their bodies for a lifestyle of the rich and famous


A western spoof, Marshall and Belson's approach to the material is to take a joke and repeat it over and over and over until you are forced to laugh at how stupid the whole thing is.

The cast of comedians is a who's who of actors past their prime but fully capable of mugging their way through the incredibly stale jokes and really stupid one liners. Mickey Rooney, Henry Gibson, Edie Adams and John Astin certainly give it their best shots. Dick Shawn repeats his role from The Producers where he played the goofy hippy Hitler part. This time he's a goofy singing sheriff.


If you like jokes about midgets, singing cowboys, dumb orientals having trouble pronouncing their "L's" and campfire songs called "stubby little finger," this movie is for you.

 97 minutes.

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