Saturday, August 8, 2015

2105 - TRAINWRECK, they got that right

"Dirty little girl"  comedian Amy Schumer attempts to move to a mainstream audience in this updated romantic comedy.  Certainly there is nothing wrong with giving the "romcom" genre a kick in the pants but this film just doesn't know when enough is enough.

Schumer's character "Amy," apparently a very thinly disguised version of herself is suppose to be a "modern" woman, which in this case means she parties a lot and sleeps around with a lot of guys.  Her wit and humor are what attract guys to her but deep down she is a empty and hollow person who can't find the right guy to settle down with.  No cliches in that character.

Into this mix comes a doctor who is attracted to her but Amy's commitment phobia eventually destroys the relationship.  Fear not because this is still a romcom and it all will work out for the best with the doctor and Amy reunited at a basketball game after Amy dresses up as a cheerleader and jumps around in her little outfit.  So much for the modern woman angle.

The film was directed by Judd Apatow who is usually criticized for making overlong comedies but the stuff I liked best were the little touches of humor that Apatow allowed the other characters to run with in scenes that really didn't move the plot along but were kind of delightful.  As for Schumer her potty mouth humor is in danger of overexposure and her dirty girl act is getting to be a little old.

By the way it is highly unlikely this couple would ever stay together in the real world.

124 minutes

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