Sunday, August 16, 2015

1963 - COME BLOW YOUR HORN, Neil Simon, Frank Sinatra = predictable comedy

Frank's a hipster dude salesguy working for his father's company selling plastic fruit.  Frank's also a real ladies man stringing women along like they were fish on a hook.  Frank's brother played by Tony Bill the future producer of The Sting wants to be a chick magnet like Frank.  Their parents want them to settle down with some nice Jewish girls. 

The film is based on a play by Neil Simon.  It was adapted for the screen by Norman Lear.  Lear made his reputation not in movie but on TV with such series as All in the Family, Good Times, One Day at a Time, etc.  Lear was a liberal who's shows reflected his personality and frankly these shows have dated badly with all of their sloppy liberal sentiment.  Bud Yorkin his producing partner was the director of this film.

Yeah Ring a ding ding Frank

You get what you get with this film since it's based on a Neil Simon play.  Lots and lots of tiresome Jewish jokes, some cheap sentiment, lots of pathos and Frank Sinatra singing a song in the middle of this film for no particular reason. The whole film does reek of the early 60's with Sinatra's bachelor pad an over designed nightmare of garish furniture and carpeting.  In fact Sinatra himself is a complete anachronism with his middle aged lady killer character.  This film is just hopelessly dated.

I guess this is what passed for comedy in the early 1960's since Come Blow Your Horn made a nice chunk of change for Paramount.

112 minutes.

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