Saturday, August 8, 2015

1965 - IN HARM'S WAY, Otto Preminger's navy epic

Otto Preminger's World War II epic about navy life was dismissed by most critics when it was released but it's a good film that deserved better.   John Wayne is front and center in one of those all star casts.  Patricia Neal is his love interest and is a strong enough actor to stand up to the Duke.  Kirk Douglas plays an antihero character who is Admiral Wayne's second in command. 

Preminger rounded up a decent supporting cast and the wide screen black and white photography at times looks pretty spectacular.  The final sea battle was criticized for looking a little too much like models in a studio swimming pool.  The battle is certainly a noisy confusing mess but real war is a noisy confusing mess.

Everyone expected fireworks from the liberal director and the very right wing star but apparently they were very respectful of each other. 

A good war drama that the public stayed away from unfortunately.

165 minutes.

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