Saturday, August 8, 2015

2005 - SERENITY, an attempt to convert a TV show to a film series

Writer/director Josh Weldon developed a TV series called Firefly sort of a science fiction adventure about some mercenaries flying around the galaxy while being chased by the mysterious Alliance and some weirdo mutants called the Reavers who like to eat people.  Despite Weldon's clever way with dialog and a good cast the series never really caught on but developed a cult following.  Hoping for more mainstream success as a film series Weldon tried again with a film called Serenity featuring the same cast.

Weldon is a clever fellow who can spin witty dialog in rather fantastic films like The Avengers and it's sequel and that Buffy the Vampire series.  Here he had the impossible challenge of condensing the TV series into a film and keeping the mainstream and cult audiences entertained something he doesn't pull off.

Watching Serenity is like coming into the middle of a TV series and having the person next to you try to explain what has been going on during the past episodes.  The movie's screenplay seems very fragmented and there are so many subplots at times it's almost impossible to figure out what is going on.

Still, Weldon is good at mixing this genre stuff and adding humor to it so it isn't to be taken that seriously.  The film has action and lots of spaceships flying around shooting at each other.  Serenity comes off as an attempt to create a hipster version of Star Wars.

119 minutes

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