Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 - TOMORROWLAND - Disney's big summer movie bust

The critics hated it, the public stayed away from it and admittedly this film has some major story problems but it's hard to understand why this film was so disliked this is an entertaining summer film with a positive message. 

The film was directed by Brad Bird who was one of the leading animation directors for Pixar.  Bird moved into live action filming with one of those Tom Cruise Mission Impossible films which made a lot of money.  Bird actually does a very good job of keeping Tomorrowland moving along and sticks lots of inventive visual gags that make the film fun to watch.

The film stars George Clooney but the real lead is a young actor named Britt Robinson.  Robinson plays a female character who for a change isn't falling in love with vampires or is some sort of nymphomaniac.  It's hard enough to get major studios to make films with female characters as the main lead and since this film is considered a failure it will probably be a long time before it's attempted again.

Let's jump to the chase.  This is an entertaining film with story structure problems.  At least this film attempted a story.  When you compare this to something like Jurassic World which didn't even bother with a story the message for Hollywood is screw the attempt at intelligent summer films and bring on the people eating dinosaurs.

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