Thursday, June 18, 2015

1973 - BREEZY, boring pointless love story

This love story was directed by Clint Eastwood in his typical straightforward (i.e. boring, unimaginative) style.  This is your standard May/December romance between a middle aged real estate agent and a 70's hippie.

Eastwood hired old Hollywood pro William Holden who basically has to carry the entire film.  The young hippie girl is played by an actor named Kay Lenz who makes almost no impression.  In fact it's impossible to see what the weary Holden would see in this tiresome ditz.

It's amazing to think that after about 40 years directing films Eastwood's film technique has barely evolved past the level of a silent film.  You could have hired a competent 70's TV director and gotten the same results that Eastwood achieves in this film.

A waste of time that can take it's place with many of Eastwood's other mediocre films such as The Eiger Sanction. The Gauntlet, Pink Cadillac and Blood Work to name a few of the many.

108 minutes

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