Sunday, June 21, 2015


A big stupid audience pleasing summer movie.  This rehash of Jurassic Park and mostly a lot of Toho Godzilla movies is making lots of money.  As producer George Pal proved many years ago, special effects can be the real stars of a movie.

The director is some guy named Colin Trevorrow but make no mistake the real directors of this film are the special effects computer guys who render all of these dinos in a computer. 

Nobody goes to these kinds of movies for the plot and characterizations but even for something like this the story telling seems might weak.  Contrived situations are created mostly for the purpose of watching the scary dinosaur eat lots of people but it's that PG-13 kind of violence so we don't actually see anyone really ripped apart.  This is after all a film for the entire family.

The actors are pretty much next to nothing as far as leaving an impression.  This won't be the career jump starter that Bryce Dallas Howard is looking for and the oddly unhumorous Chris Pratt is walking through this film mostly on the good will he got from The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Still when you get down to it, this movie is making a lot of money.

124 minutes.

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