Thursday, June 4, 2015

1947 - UNCONQUERED, Another DeMille epic impressive and ridiculous.

Here he goes again.  DeMille films another historical epic where he uses American history to warp and shape it to his needs.  In this case it's the Pontiac Rebellion of 1763.  Or iit's Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard vs white villain Howard De Silva who is selling what else,  guns to the Indians.

All of the interesting DeMille stuff is here the methodical staging of scenes that are reminiscent of tableaus, the odd appearance of back project during the epic action scenes and most interestingly the use of the actor Paulette Goddard in some sort of sexual torture fetish scene.

As usual with DeMille, the actors are directed to play it very broad.  Since this is a larger than life story Gary Cooper can pull it off.  The underrated Paulette Goddard is the chief female that everyone one slobbers over.  Goddard plays a slave so she is subject to all sorts of DeMille like perversions.

Well how to rate this film?  The 40's technicolor is gorgeous, the mishmash of historical figures (oh look it's George Washington) is as wacky as usual.  The plot, overlong and convoluted as usual. Typical late 40's DeMille.

146 minutes.

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