Sunday, April 27, 2014

2012 - UPSIDE DOWN - very silly science fiction film

This incredibly stupid science fiction love story has to be seen to be believed if you handle sitting through it.  It seems that in outer space there are two planets literally next to each other due to something called "dual gravity." 

The upside world has all of the rich people while the downside world has all of the poor people.  Naturally one of the upside people falls in love with one the the downside people. To spend time with with his backwards or upside girlfriend the downside guy has to make a vest filled with upside material so he can be right side on her planet, got that?

As if this concept isn't dumb enough an amnesia subplot is worked into this film.  The female lead Kristen Dunst falls into her world while visiting her boyfriend in his world and loses her memory.  Dunst is really the only recognizable actor in this film and I think it's safe to say she has definitely lost her cuteness.

Although the film looks kind of cool but by the end the whole concept is just incredibly silly. 

107 minutes.

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