Saturday, April 5, 2014

1985 - MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME, the third in the Mel Gibson series.

After hitting a high point with The Road Warrior,  there was hope that the next Mad Max film would continue the trend setting action scenes and settings of the first two films. 

This time Max ends up in "Bartertown" ruled by Tina Tuner (showing a lot of cleavage) as Aunty Entity.  Max ends up fighting in an arena known as Thunderdome for Aunty Entity in order for her to consolidate her power.  Max runs a foul of Entity and is exiled into the Australian desert.  So far in the film all is well, with lots of weird characters and a great fight in the Thunderdome.  Then things start to go downhill pretty quickly.

Max ends up being rescued by a group of kids living in at an oasis.  The kids seem like they stumbled out of Lord of the Flies and somehow wandered onto the set of this film.  The film also starts to turn into a comedy of all things with lots of silly slapstick gags involving the kids.

As was the custom in the previous films, this film has another spectacular chase sequence and I suppose it's unfair to compare it to The Road Warrior car chase but this chase is somewhat of a disappointment.  Overall the film is a real letdown from the first two films.

107 minutes.

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