Sunday, April 20, 2014

2011 - COWBOYS AND ALIENS, uh huh.

Getting towards the end of my space aliens invade earth and good old American ingenuity repelling  these slimy creatures film series.  Cowboys and Aliens can distinguish itself from the other two films I have seen by virtue of the fact that this preposterous premise does not have one joke or lighthearted moment in it.  Not once during this film is there even a hint to the audience that this silly film is not to be taken seriously.

The casting of the film further emphasizes the lack of fun this film should have provided.  Harrison Ford is the completely dour leader of the town who is trying to get his son back who has for reasons I never understood been kidnapped by the space aliens.  Daniel Craig, probably the most humorless actor to ever play James Bond plays a humorless cowboy trying to stop the space aliens.  It appears that Craig is pretty much a "Johnny One Note" of an actor after his performance in this thing.  The guy never cracks a smile throughout the entire film.  Good thing the film has Olivia Wilde in it because what would one of these films be without a hot chick who could get a job as a "Victoria's Secret" runway model running around.

This film has some fairly heavy hitters behind it.  Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Brian Glazer produced it.  Jon Favreau, the director of a couple Iron Man films was not unfamiliar with handling this kind of science fiction/fantasy material.  That this bunch couldn't see the weaknesses in the story material is kind of amazing.  I assume they thought the concept and title would be enough to bring in an audience.  Apparently no one wanted to do the hard work to get a decent screenplay out of this crap.

 I've seen the director Jon Favreau on You Tube doing Q and A's with directors like Martin Scorsese.  Favreau is an articulate guy and clearly seems to know what he's talking about.  So I can only imagine what was going through Favreau's head during the making of this film.  Was he thinking, "I'll stage this space alien attack the way Scorsese did in Mean Streets."

118 minutes.

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