Sunday, April 27, 2014

1939 - DODGE CITY, big budget Western from Warner Brothers

A few reasons to enjoy Dodge City:
  • It was filmed in stunning early technicolor the film has a rich saturated look to it.
  • Dodge City had a very big budget, the money is definitely up on the screen.
  • The film was directed by ace director Michael Curtiz.
  • The film has about every actor Warner Brothers had under contract, particularly Alan Hale and Gunn "Big Boy" Williams,who were probably in about every western Warners produced.
  • The film is under 2 hours

  • The film has Errol Flynn as the star.  Flynn was an Australian/English actor who had a real star presence. 
  • Flynn's costar Olivia De Havilland was a talented actor and also very pretty.
  • What western wouldn't be complete without a great villain, character actor Bruce Cabot got the part along with Victor Jory as his chief henchman.
Dodge City a real 1930's film that is still very entertaining.

104 minutes

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