Sunday, June 9, 2013

2013 - THE LAST STAND - older Arnold, same old stuff

Arnold's back in the movie biz after his time in politics and dealing with a rather messy personal life.  Older and attempting to do the same kind of film he did in the 1980's The Last Stand is essentially one of his 80's films with some nods to Arnold's age.

Seen it all before, Arnold is a small time sheriff who has to fight off a gang of international (what else) drug dealers.  He has a motley band of helpers who between them and the bad guys have enough firepower to take out a middle eastern country.

Anyway the rest of the story could probably have been phoned in by cultish South Korean director Kim Ji-Woon who is apparently trying to make a straightforward Hollywood action film after coming off a series of very strange South Korean films.

I get that Arnold understands what his core action audience wants to see, over the top violence.   However it seems to me it was probably time for a little more tinkering with the formula instead of just presenting the usual action stuff.

A time passer or waster whatever you prefer to all it.

107 minutes.

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